michael krisa aka That Interview Guy® on the importance of working your past clients with your contact manager.

All too often we get caught up with the latest and greatest new technologies and in the process … forget that sometimes the easiest and best way of doing things is right under our very noses.

This thought occurred to me while Kayaking the Beaver River so I created this video for you to stress this very point.

Working your contact management software … HINT … if you don’t have one -get one … is one of those easy ways to generate business.

Why you ask?

Because these are people that you have already established some sort of relationship with.

They know, like and trust you which means you can focus your efforts on “How Can I Serve You?” vs. “Let me convince you why you should listen to me.”

Dr. Rober Cialdini in his book Influence speaks to this point when he discusses the principle of like.

We like to work with people that are like ourselves and staying in touch with your past clients is the easiest way to generate business because of it.

Enjoy the video and Please be sure to leave you comments and facebook likes!

All Good Wishes,

michael krisa