Episode #77: Jon Cheplak shares the top 3 things brokers/managers need to know about effective agent training.

I had the opportunity of meeting up with Jon Cheplak in San Francisco at this funky little place called Lori’s Diner.

Jon is one of the most sought after recruiting experts in real estate today and frankly, his client list reads the the who’s who of real estate today!

Now I have to warn you ahead of time that this video is a little edgy, rough and well … gorilla style … heck that’s what I do best but the message Jon shares is direct and powerful.

What many brokers and managers are asking themselves in this market is what makes for an effective training program – well Jon eloquently delivers the answer in three simple points.

Enjoy the video and please be sure to pass along the link AND leave your comments below.

All Good Wishes,

michael krisa