David Burke of TeamParadise.com and michael krisa That Interview Guy® discuss negotiation strategies that make you money and earn respect.

Maybe it’s a primal caveman thing but some real estate professionals believe that when it comes to negotiations it’s all about winning at any cost … grind your “opponent” into the ground, screw the competition and take us much as you can!

Well the reality is nothing could be further from the truth because if you plan to be in this business for the long term … you’ll probably cross paths with the same agents that you alienated with your lack of control.

Not to sound artscy but it is about the relationship and how you make the other agent feel – was there mutual respect, did they feel like you were working together in the interests of all concerned?

In this video interview David Burke shares some of his strategies and you’ll discover for yourself why other brokers actually look forward to doing business with him and his team.

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