michael krisa That Interview Guy® shows you how to capture an entire room with a fish lens.

Almost everytime I post a new video I receive emails asking me how did I do this .. or how did I do that.
One of those questions is how do you manage to get an entire room into a shot using a FLIP style video camera?
By FLIP style I’m referring to the FLIP, Kodak Zi8 – basically any entry level video camera that uses a USB connection to transfer the raw video from your video camera to your computer.
For real estate professionals, home inspectors – heck anyone that shoots video inside a house you’ll definitely want to check out a simple, cheap $20 fish angle lens.
I was skeptical at first but ordered one anyway and have to say I was pleasantly surprised … especially for twenty bucks.
Enjoy the video and please be sure to leave your comments below.
All Good Wishes,
michael krisa
That Interview Guy®
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