Episode # 74: Ken Baris of Jordan Baris Realtors shares a unique branding strategy.

Do any of these names ring a bell: Nike, Coke, Lexus?

One thing that they all have in common is that they spend millions of dollars every single year to entrench their brand into our brains.


There is something about a recognized brand that creates trust, loyalty and hopefully sways the buying decision toward the product that brand represents.

Well Top 5 member Ken Baris of Jordan Baris Realtors has managed to tap into that branding strategy WITHOUT investing a fortune like these other companies and best of all:

  • his brokerage gets the power of association of that brand
  • it creates trust and prestige
  • generates referrals that he DOES NOT have to pay a referral fee on
  • creates a win for the associating brand by generating business for them
  • creates a financial reward for his clients when they purchase that product

Watch the video and decide for yourself .. is this a strategy that you can implement into your business?

If you would like to reach out to Ken or follow him here is his contact info:

www.jordanbaris.com – One Address and two great sites (for pc and mobile device) twitter.com/kenbaris or  facebook.com/jordanbaris

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