When it comes to making really great video you also need really great audio!

People will forgive a relatively shaky, poorly lit video … BUT … it they have to strain to listen to the audio, they will disengage within the first 7 seconds.

Just look at the classic budget horror film The Blair Witch Project – shaky video, poorly lit BUT the audio was perfect.

In fact that movie cost approximately $24K to produce and has grossed over $240 million to date.

So how do you capture great audio if you have a webcam/video camera that doesn’t have a external mic jack?

Or worse still, what if you want to do a shot with distance between you and the camera but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a wireless mic?

Well in this video I’m going to show you an inexpensive work-around that will set you back about $50!

Obviously having an external mic plugged into your camera would be much easier, but as I mentioned this is a work-around for people with cameras that don’t have the luxury of an external mic jack or hundreds of dollars to invest in a wireless solution.

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michael krisa