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Many people have asked me how I ever came up with the concept of Real Estate Unplugged … like of all the things you could have picked, why “Unplugged?”

Well being an acoustic picker I was awestruck when Peter Frampton came out with his Unplugged album .. pure music, no special effects, distortion or noise .. just pure raw talent.

 I have been told time and time again that my style of interviewing was exactly the same, unscripted, no noise .. just real time conversations with real people that are making a difference.

That was the mindset behind Real Estate Unplugged … a simple to use community site where top agents shared what they were actually doing in their business to be successful. Not burnt out old hacks trying to pedal re-packaged products … but in the street agents like you that were making money.

 Like me you know that the best way to master anything is to find someone that is already doing it … and then copy what they do and take massive action. Each month in Real Estate Unplugged you’ll discover top agents, CRS instructors, top leaders and visionaries sharing exactly that, proven tactics and strategies that you can copy and implement today!

 I could tell you all the reasons why you need to be a member of Real Estate Unplugged but I won’t … you’ll discover for yourself by seeing what others agents like you have to say and by actually exploring the site. So here’s you chance to do it absolutely free!

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I’m willing to put my money and reputation on the line … it’s your turn to step up and give us and you a try.

All Good Wishes,

michael krisa