Michael Russer aka Mr. Internet has invited me; michael krisa aka That Interview Guy® to host a virtual workshop sharing some of the tips, tactics and strategies that top agents across the country are using with video.

Over 300 million web videos are viewed each and every day using mobile phones and this number has tripled since 2010! Today’s consumer is demanding video and if this medium is not a part of your marketing arsenal … then get ready to become obsolete.

Realtors™ that have leveraged video are becoming recognized as the “Celebrity Authority” in their niche, generating more leads, higher ranking in the search engines and most of all, making more money.

In this free 60 minute virtual workshop we will take you behind the scenes and reveal  just how easy it is for you to start producing your own videos.

Here are just a few of the topics that we will share with you:

    1. Why is video so powerful?
    2. The 6 psychology triggers you must know to create engaging videos that  people will actually want to watch.
    3. What to look for in an inexpensive video camera to buy.
    4. The editing software you’ll need and where to get it for FREE.
    5. Examples of how successful Realtors are using video.
    6. The 7 Classic video mistakes that even pros make and how to avoid them.
    7. A Simple Six Step Formula for telling the perfect story.
    8. and much, much more


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