Episode # 65: Verl Workman and michael krisa discuss 5 Key Factors to consider when engaging in Social Media.
It seems that when it comes to the how’s and wherefore’s of social media¬† that everyone – rightly or wrongly – has an opinion.

The problem is that we look to the so called “gurus” for answers and many of them haven’t got a clue … BUT … they do have some magic beans in a bag that they will gladly sell from the stage … a 5 Step Easy System To Social Media Riches … regularly $1995 but today only … $297!!

PLEASE … stop the madness and hold on to your wallets.

Verl Workman has been helping real estate professionals for ages and he too is no stranger to Facebook, Linked-In and the likes.

In this video interview Verl will discuss:

  • The strategy behind social media
  • What type of connections are a must
  • Why you need to listen more than you speak … online
  • The power of meaningful exchanges
  • And much, much more

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All Good Wishes,

michael krisa