Hey There Harley,

Terri Murphy said that I should reach out to you so that’s what I’m doing … in a medium that I have been teaching other agents to do.

Here is the information that I referred to in the video so that you can access our Easy Agent Video course.

Course Url:  http://EasyAgentVideo.com/member

User name: “harleyrouda”

Password: “real-living2011”

I could share with you all the reasons why this is a natural fit for your agents at Real Living but you’ll discover that for yourself as soon as you access the course.

Please give me a call when you have reviewed our course.

You can reach me at my direct number: 519.369.2852

All Good Wishes,

michael krisa

PS. Harley this page is hidden and was created just for you – if you hit the “home” tab above you’ll see that it doesn’t appear to the public.