I would like to ask for your help …

I have been in real estate since 1988 and what has always fascinated me about being a Realtor® is the generosity and spirit of my fellow agents.

At the heart of it we are “People-People” … meaning we are driven and rewarded by the satisfaction we receive from helping others.

It is in this spirit of giving that I am reaching out to you today.

One of our own; Keith Dudley, a friend and fellow Realtor® is fighting valiantly against cancer.

He is doing so with great courage, humility and an unresolved sense of humor.

Keith needs your help.

The cost of treatment for this insidious disease is staggering … and the expenses keep amounting.

On behalf of Keith and his wife Martha I am asking you to please open up your heart and make a donation … of any sum you can.

Here is the link: http://GetKeithWell.com

Any donation will be greatly appreciated … AND … when you donate $150 or more you will receive a complimentary one year membership to RealEstateUnplugged.com

This is regularly $297/year and as my way of saying thanks you will receive one year absolutely free.

After you have made your donation please email me the receipt to michael@ThatInterviewGuy.com and I will create your membership.

Please use this link now and help Keith see many, many more sunsets  http://GetKeithWell.com

All Good Wishes and my deepest heartfelt thanks to all my loyal friends for their love and compassion.

michael krisa

PS. It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little – do what you can. ~Sydney Smith