Episode #62: Dan Gooder Richard and michael krisa discuss costly advertising mistakes agents make and how to avoid them.

One of the biggest follies I see agents make time and time again is wasting good money on what they think will make the phone ring.

I’m talking about advertising … bus benches, flyers, calenders – basically anything that will hold ink is fair game.

It pulls on my heart strings knowing that somewhere in a grade school class one child is asking another:

“Johnny – have they found your dad?¬† I saw his face on a shopping¬† cart.”

What savvy successful agents know is that there is a distinct difference between advertising and direct response marketing.

Marketing is targeted, quantifiable and duplicatable.

Dan Gooder Richard is an expert in the art of direct response marketing and in this video interview will discuss:

  • Identifying a niche
  • Speaking their langauage
  • How to make your phone ring
  • The Costly Difference between Advertising and Marketing

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All Good Wishes,

michael krisa aka That Interview Guy